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African masks Ceremonies. African masks are generally representative of some sort of spirit and Rituals. In rituals, African masks represent deities, mythological beasts and gods; Celebratory. These are performed with great vigour and spectacle and the African mask is often partThe Senufu tribe uses several types of masks depending upon the occasion. The kpelie, a human face with projections all around, is said to remind initiates of human imperfection. Danced by men, these masks perform as female characters. Animalhead masks usually combine characteristics of several creatureshyena, warthog, and antelope. types of african masks

Jul 08, 2013 Other than African cultural mask there are many other types of masks such as South Seas mask and mask from New Caledonia etc. These masks are not much popular as the African traditional mask. The New Guinea and Hebrides mask are becoming much popular in the past few years.

African masks are most commonly shaped like a human face or a muzzle of some animal. Masks are highly stylized because African cultures distinguish between outer look of something and its essence. These masks are made to represent an abstract subject, which explains stylization. Animals are frequent theme of African art of mask making. Types Of African Masks. Shoulder masks: These large and heavy masks seat on the wearers shoulders. Helmet masks: Fit over the entire head and are normally carved from one section of a tree trunk. Helmet crests: They do not fit over the entire head but are rather worn like a hat, leaving the face exposed.types of african masks Jun 25, 2014  Facts about African masks Traditional Dogon mask Facts about African Masks 9: Mask of the Dead. As the veneration of defunct ancestors is a fundamental element of most African traditional cultures, it is not surprising that the dead is also a common subject for masks. Masks referring to dead ancestors are most often shaped after a human skull.

Common types of African masks include face masks, which fit over the front of the wearer's face; helmet masks, which fit over the entire head; and forehead masks, which rest of the forehead and types of african masks Types of African Masks The Arlecchino From Dantes Inferno to the Commedia dellArte, the story of how a demon turns into a buffoon: a description of Arlecchinos mask and of its origin. African Masks The Function of an African Mask. Tribal masks are used to represent the spirits of ancestors or to control the forces of good and evil. African Masks Types, Tribal, Animal, Ancient Masks, Quick Facts Face mask. These masks are very popular across different African cultures. Headdress masks. These masks are very popular among women and they are sometimes used for Helmet Masks. These masks are African MaskS. Our African Mask Lessons will introduce you to a range of African masks and the people who use them: . Examples of African Masks. Our African Mask Lessons will enhance your knowledge and understanding of African tribal masks. We also host African Mask

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