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Apr 21, 2014  These Kayan women, from Kayah state, wear brass coils around their necks to give the impression that their necks are stretched. Having a long neck is often seen as beautiful inNdebele Woman Wearing Neck Band and Neck Ring(south africa) Shaun Leane made a coiled neckpiece for McQueens collection Its a Jungle Out There (AutumnWinter which was inspired by the coiled brass and copper neckpieces worn by the Ndebele women in South Africa. 17 Best images about Neck rings Strange Beauty: Long Necks and stretched necks african

People who are a part of this unique cultural practice are often encouraged to wear their neck rings in order to attract more tourists. For some women, the neck stretching is used to attract the attention of male suiters. Similarly, certain groups from African tribes use the neck rings to identify wealth, status and sometimes marriage.

Long Neck Tribe. African neck stretching is just one form of body sculpting. Another example is cranial shaping, in which the shape of the head is elongated and made more conical or alternatively, flattened and made wider. Cranial deformation was widely practiced in various American tribes, including the Pueblo Indians and the Incas. Aug 19, 2013  Whatever the origin, todays stretchedneck look defines these women as Padaung; it is their identity, their symbol, their signature tribal marking. Tribal History The Padaung are a subgroup of the Kayan people, who live on the border in a mountain region between Burma and Northwest Thailand.stretched necks african May 29, 2013 Starting at an early age, women of the Padaung tribe wear a coil of brass rings around their necks. This collar, and the elongated appearance it gives their necks over time, are Padaung symbols

Jun 07, 2011 Neck Stretching National Geographic National Geographic. Loading Unsubscribe from National Geographic? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 11M. stretched necks african Quick Answer. African tribal neck rings are a type of jewelry worn by the women of the Southern Ndebele tribe, who are native to South Africa and Zimbabwe. Women generally begin wearing these rings around age 12 when they are eligible to marry. The rings create the illusion of a long, graceful neck, which is considered very attractive to Neck Stretches Contents What are the major muscles of the neck? Why do we do neck stretching? What will happen if we don't do neck stretching? Neck stretches: Muscles of the neck: Below is a simplified list of muscles of the neck and their actions. Many muscles of the neck How can the answer be improved? Sep 29, 2014 The neck itself is not lengthened; the appearance of a stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle. Many women have removed the rings for medical examinations. Most women prefer to wear the rings once their clavicle has been lowered, as the area of the neck and collarbone often becomes bruised

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