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Butter. Cannabisinfused butter, or cannabutter, is a cannabisinfused ingredient used in many cannabis edibles. Heating the raw cannabis in melted butter allows the cannabinoids to be extracted by the fat. A more complicated process is using a doubleboiler, or slow cookerApr 25, 2018  Voyager. Voyagers coffeeshop is located on the buildings ground floor and sells around eight strains of cannabis, as well as prerolled joints and space cakes. There are 10 rooms available inside Voyagers hotel, most of which feature windows that space cake amsterdam wikipedia

Jan 26, 2019 A space cake is as awesome as it sounds. Imagine your favourite cake, but infused with the unbridled and buzzing power of cannabis! Pretty much ever coffeeshop in Amsterdam will offer space cakes in one form or another, and they have become increasingly popular with those who want to reach that high, but in a discreet and tasty manner.

Sep 01, 2018 Space cake effects Space cakes, just like any other weedinfused products have varied effects on different people according to the amount and type of cannabis strain used in making the space cakes. It is important to know the different effects induced by the ingestion of THC and CBD. space cake amsterdam wikipedia

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