African land snails what do they eat

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How can the answer be improved?May 09, 2013 Giant African land snails are eaten as bar snacks in Nigeria. He advises that if people are tempted to eat wild snails, they should, purge them, feed them wholesome food, wear latex gloves african land snails what do they eat

Giant African land snails are relatively easy to feed, making them a good, low maintenance pet for people with busy lives. However, a constant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables should always be available to them, and so there is some commitment involved in ensuring that you always have some fresh greens to hand,

Nov 24, 2007 Giant African land snails will eat almost any vegetarian food, but fresh produce is your best option. Start with foods like lettuce, cucumbers, apples, bananas, and cabbage. [8 Also try corn and bell peppers, as well as zucchini, grapes, melons, watercress, and spinach. Diet. In the wild, Giant African Land Snails are known to eat up to 500 different species of plant. It is a good idea to feed your snails a wide variety of food, as they can become fussy. Many snails love cucumber and lettuce, but it is less nutritious than other vegetables so itafrican land snails what do they eat Dec 10, 2018 Land Snails. These are the snails who live and move on the land rather than the water. So, they eat different types of foods. Land Snails live in the grassy areas and fields. So, they eat food in the form of plants, algae, and fungi. So, if you are spending most of your time the fields and grassy areas then you can find snails easily.

Feeding Giant African Land snails is easy. They eat almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables. They also need a constant supply of calcium african land snails what do they eat An average giant African land snail lives for 3 to 5 years though some individuals have been recorded living for up to 10 years. Diet. Giant African land snails are herbivores with an extremely wideranging diet. They feed on a variety of plants, vegetables and fruit. They eat over 500 different plant varieties. Land snails eat grass and other green leaves. They also feed on decaying matter and decompose poo. These types of snails eat dinosaurs back in the period they where as big as a Trex. Nov 07, 2017 African land snails also love tomatoes, sweetcorn, sweet potato, cabbage, dandelion leaves, banana, apple and much more. Snails can also eat dog biscuits and fish food! These are actually really good for snails as they contain lots of additional vitamins and calcium which helps their shells grow strong. Land snails enjoy plants, fungi and algae. They naturally congregate in fields and grassy areas. Provide a land snail with plant matter and vegetables such as lettuce, dandelion greens, cucumbers and carrots. Experiment with different types of greens to see what your snails enjoy eating. To feed snails, place the plant matter in the tank and leave it there for several days.

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