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Jan 10, 2018 The traffic is hands down better than Houston, the air quality seems visibly better. San Antonio has appropriate zoning laws as well. Many military folks who have lived all over the US and the world choose to retire in San Antonio which tells you something. This factor also contributes to the richness in culture.According to Fordor's, one of the best times to vacation in San Antonio is during April, when it's not unbearably hot. So, if you're venturing through the Southwest, it might be time to better place to live austin or san antonio

Austin vs. San Antonio: Where should you live? And for that reason we broke down the 14 ways San Antonio is better so it will forever and fully be broken. San Antonio. Another Austin

First time to Texas Austin or San Antonio? We have twoforone airline vouchers on Virgin America thinking of flying into Austin for a few days getaway in October. Jun 16, 2011  Reload this Yelp page and try your search again. Top 10 (or more) Reasons San Antonio is a better place to live than Austin. Top ten reasons why San Antonio is better than Austin: 1. San Antonio Spurs! 2. No naked cowboy 3. I don't want my townbetter place to live austin or san antonio Best Places to Live. Best Places for Hygee Best Places for Summer Best Places to Retire Best Places for Foodies Best Places to Feel Safe Best Places for Military Retirement Charlottesville, VA Pittsburgh, PA Minneapolis, MN Ames, IA Sarasota, FL Noblesville, IN Oregon City, OR Portland, OR Bozeman, MT Carlsbad, CA Walla Walla, WA San Antonio, TX Boulder, CO

Ive chosen to live in San Antonio, its a bit quieter and much less expensive to live here. Plus, Austin is just an hour or so away, depending on where is San Antonio you live and where, in Austin, you want to go. better place to live austin or san antonio Jan 26, 2011 Austin is a younger, fasterpaced city than San Antonio. San Antonio is slowerpaced and more familyoriented than Austin. There's traffic in both cities, but if you are strategic about where you live, it's easier to avoid it in San Antonio. Why San Antonio Is Infinitely Better Than Austin. When I tell someone I was born in ATX, they cant believe it, a bornandbred Austinite is such a rare bird these days, and theyre even more perplexed that I landed in Spurs territory. But in the end its clear that San Antonio is the superior Texas city, here are all the reasons why.

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