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The Basenji is an energetic and playful dog. Its most unique characteristic is its bark, or lack thereof. Common Name(s) Basenji, African Bush Dog, African Barkless Dog, Ango Angari, Avuvi, Congo Dog, Zande Dog Breed Type The Basenji is a hound breed. They originated as hunting dogs, and are still used for hunting in Africa.Mar 21, 2019  A Basenji, also known as barkless dog, is a dog with a short coat, small and muscular body, and with a tail curled tightly over one hip. He is an inhouse dog, with high intelligence that requires a lot of your time and exercises. african barkless dog basenji

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Feb 27, 2017 The Basenji, aka the African Barkless Dog, may not bark much, however they can make other highly entertaining noises. This is what you may hear if a Basenji spots you standing by the treat jar Virtually every article with Basenji info starts with mention of their being the barkless dog breed from deep in the Congo in Africa. And yes, Basenjis DO trace their roots to Africaafrican barkless dog basenji The Basenji (also known as an African Bush Dog, Congo Dog, or Congo Terrier) is an ancient breed which can be seen depicted on stone tablets in Egyptian tombs. The modern breed originates in the African Congo (Basenji means bush thing), where they

Basenjis the African barkless dogs. Saturday's judge was Dr. Edna Martin and Sunday's judge was Mr. George J. Heitzman. This adds to his two previous Reserve Winners Dog placements at his first show, Redwood Empire KC, under judge Col. Robert E. Booth, and his second weekend out at Sir Francis Drake KC, under judge Barbara Gellerman. african barkless dog basenji

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